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jqs2608-sm-0001-SupTab-S1.pdf19KTable S1. Summaries of geomorphological and stratigraphic data.
jqs2608-sm-0002-SupTab-S2.pdf22KTable S2. Major element chemistry of the Ey H a/b tephra layers.
jqs2608-sm-0003-SupFig-S1.tif19894KFigure S1. Stratigraphic and dating evidence of flooding west of Eyjafjallajökull and by Smjögil.
jqs2608-sm-0004-SupFig-S2.tif38855KFigure S2. Critical dating evidence for the 10th century flood at Langanes (Fig. 7).
jqs2608-sm-0005-SupFig-S3.tif37844KFigure S3. The geomorphology of Seljalandsfoss.
jqs2608-sm-0006-Supdata-S1.pdf8KFigure Legend.

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