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jqs2640-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.pdf623KFig. S1. LOI profiles of Kråkenes cores 46 and 67 plotted on their depth scales.
jqs2640-sm-0002-SupFig-S2.pdf832KFig. S2. Photographs of the AL/YD and YD/H transitions in core 46 from Kråkenes.
jqs2640-sm-0003-SupFig-S3.pdf323KFig. S3. Probability density functions for the modelled ages of the Saksunarvatn Ash and YD/H boundary in Kråkenes Lake testing the age-reservoirs in gyttja dating samples.
jqs2640-sm-0004-SupTab-S1.pdf348KTable S1. Radiocarbon dates from Kråkenes core 46.
jqs2640-sm-0005-SupTab-S2.pdf225KTable S2. Radiocarbon dates from Kråkenes core 67.
jqs2640-sm-0006-SupTab-S3.pdf182KTable S3. OxCal code for age–depth modelling of the Kråkenes core 46 chronology.
jqs2640-sm-0007-SupTab-S4.pdf173KTable S4. OxCal code for age–depth modelling of the Kråkenes core 67 chronology.
jqs2640-sm-0008-SupTab-S5.pdf179KTable S5. Duration of the YD transitions represented by the LOI change at Kråkenes Lake.

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