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jqs2656-sm-0001-SuppFig-S1.jpg509KFig. S1. General cross-section of the Dordogne valley at Bergerac and location of the main archaeological finds.
jqs2656-sm-0002-SuppFig-S2.jpg567KFig. S2. Lithological cross-section at Pré Fagnoux.
jqs2656-sm-0003-SuppFig-S3.jpg517KFig. S3. Lithological cross-section at Gilets 2.
jqs2656-sm-0004-SuppFig-S4.jpg364KFig. S4. Lithological cross-section at Déviation Ouest – phase 1.
jqs2656-sm-0005-SuppFig-S5.jpg345KFig. S5. View of the palaeoluvisol at Rue Brun.
jqs2656-sm-0006-SuppData-S1-S5.doc28KFigure legends for supporting Figs S1 to S5.doc

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