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Fig. S1. Transect sampled at Bass River.

Fig. S2. Transect sampled at Cape May Courthouse.

Fig. S3. Transect sampled at Cedar River.

Fig. S4. Transect sampled at Cold Spring Harbor.

Fig. S5. Transect sampled at Jayne Drive.

Fig. S6. Three transects sampled at Rutgers Marine Station.

Fig. S7. Transect sampled at Sea Breeze.

Fig. S8. Transect sampled at Steelmanville.

Fig. S9. Transect sampled at Stephen's Creek.

Fig. S10. Transect sampled at Tuckahoe.

jqs2657-sm-0002-SuppTab-S1.xls95KTable S1. Foraminiferal data and sample elevations, distinguishing samples newly described in this study from those in Kemp et al. (2012a).

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