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Appendix S1. Combines Tables S1–S4 and Figs S1–S3 and related references.

Table S1. Physico-chemical measurements from the sediment–water interface of three sites in Grape Tree Pond using a YSI 556MPS multi-parameter handheld meter on 8 July 2013.

Table S2. Radiocarbon dates for the last 1200 calibrated years from the Grape Tree sediment record.

Table S3. PCA of the correlation matrix of ITRAX™ µ-XRF geochemical data. Listed are the principal components above the Joliffe cut-off point of 0.7.

Table S4. Spearman's rank correlation coefficients between geochemical elements, selected elemental ratios and the first three principal component series.

Figure S1. Core images, logs and sediment description of sediment cores GT-1, GT-2 and GT-3.

Figure S2. Age–depth model for Grape Tree sediment record.

Figure S3. Plots of loadings for PC1, PC2 and PC3 based on principal components analysis of the correlation matrix of ITRAX™ µ-XRF geochemical data.

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