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Appendix S1. Paleopedology methodological descriptions.

Appendix S2. Expanded tephrochronology methodological descriptions.

Appendix S3. Expanded optical dating methodological descriptions.

Appendix S4. References used in the supporting information files.

Figure S1. Paleosol micromorphology.

Figure S2. Luminescence vs. excitation time curve typical of an accepted fine-sand quartz aliquot of sample OCL1, and the other quartz samples analysed during this study. Radial plot showing the distribution and precision of De values obtained from sample OCL1.

Figure S3. Luminescence vs. excitation time curve of a natural fine-grained potassium feldspar aliquot of sample OCS2.

Table S1. Description of paleosols at Okanagan Centre section.

Table S2. Selected analytical data for paleosols and associated horizons at Okanagan Centre section.

Table S3. K, U and Th concentrations determined from in situ γ-ray spectroscopy.

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