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jqs2669-sm-0001-SuppTab-S1.docx19KTable S1. Correlations between our excavations and previous excavations at La Cotte.
jqs2669-sm-0002-SuppFig-S1.docx30KFigure S1. Natural OSL decay curve and sensitivity-corrected dose–response curve (inset) for a single aliquot of sample OSL 11. The OSL characteristics of this aliquot are typical of those recorded for quartz from La Cotte de Saint Brelade. The natural signal (open triangle) is projected onto the dose–response curve using an exponential plus linear function to estimate the equivalent dose (De) by interpolation.
jqs2669-sm-0003-SuppApp-S1.docx18KAppendix S1. Additional information on dating.

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