• koritnigite;
  • mineral;
  • hydrogen arsenate;
  • Raman spectroscopy;
  • molecular water;
  • hydrogen bonds


Raman spectra of two well-defined types of koritnigite crystals from the Jáchymov ore district, Czech Republic, were recorded and interpreted. No substantial differences were observed between both crystal types. The observed Raman bands were attributed to the (AsO3OH)2− stretching and bending vibrations as well as stretching and bending vibrations of water molecules and hydroxyl ions. The non-interpreted Raman spectra of koritnigite from the RRUFF database and the published infrared spectra of cobaltkoritnigite were used for comparison. The O[BOND]H···O hydrogen bond lengths in the crystal structure of koritnigite were inferred from the Raman spectra and compared with those derived from the X-ray single-crystal refinement. The presence of (AsO3OH)2− units in the crystal structure of koritnigite was proved from the Raman spectra, which supports the conclusions of the X-ray structure analysis. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.