• Raman micro-spectroscopy;
  • structural imaging;
  • compound content quantification;
  • archaeological artefacts;
  • iron atmospheric corrosion


Raman structural imaging can extract original information in order to answer new questions raised in the recent studies on iron and low alloy steel corrosion. Up to now, this technique has allowed the extraction of the qualitative distribution of the compounds constituting the corrosion product layers. We propose here a methodology to extract quantitative parameters from Raman hyperspectral maps, executed by a home-developed software: LADIR-CAT. Specifically developed for iron corrosion quantitative component imaging, the approach and program operation are described. The LADIR-CAT is applied on ancient corroded iron samples originating from the Amiens cathedral (France) to establish the description and the composition of the corrosion system through quantitative compound imaging. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.