• uranium;
  • Raman spectroscopy;
  • SERS


Raman spectroscopic investigation on weak scatterers such as metals is a challenging scientific problem. Technologically important actinide metals such as uranium and plutonium have not been investigated using Raman spectroscopy possibly due to poor signal intensities. We report the first Raman spectrum of uranium metal using a surface-enhanced Raman scattering-like geometry where a thin gold overlayer is deposited on uranium. Raman spectra are detected from the pits and scratches on the sample and not from the smooth polished surface. The 514.5- and 785-nm laser excitations resulted in the Raman spectra of uranium metal whereas 325-nm excitation did not give rise to such spectra. Temperature dependence of the B3g mode at 126 cm−1 is also investigated. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.