• GaN;
  • ion implantation;
  • rare earth;
  • lattice expansion;
  • Raman scattering

Among the family of rare earth (RE) dopants, the doping of first member Ce into GaN is the least studied system. This article reports structure properties of Ce-doped GaN realized by technique of ion implantation. Ce ions were implanted into metal organic chemical vapor deposition grown n- and p-GaN/sapphire thin films at doses 3 × 1014 and 2 × 1015 cm−2. X-ray diffraction scans and Raman scattering measurements exhibited expansion of lattice in the implanted portion of the samples. First order Raman scattering spectra show appearance of several disorder-activated Raman scattering modes in addition to typical GaN features. A dose-dependent decrease in intensity of E2 mode was observed in Raman the spectra of the implanted samples. Ultraviolet Raman spectra of implanted samples show complete quenching of photoluminescence emission and appearance of multiple A1(LO) phonon scattering modes up to fifth order. Moreover, a decrease in intensity and an increase in line width of LO modes as a function of wavenumber were observed for implanted samples. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.