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One-phonon resonant electron Raman scattering in a cylindrical GaAs/AlAs quantum dot


Correspondence to: Qing-Hu Zhong, Laboratory of Quantum Information Technology, ICMP and SPTE.



We have presented a theoretical calculation of the differential cross section for the electron Raman scattering process associated with the interface optical phonon modes in cylindrical GaAs quantum dots (QDs) with a AlAs matrix. We consider the Fröhlich electron–phonon interaction in the framework of the dielectric continuum approach. The selection rules for the processes are studied. Singularities are found to be sensitively size-dependent, and, by varying the size of the QDs, it is possible to control the frequency shift in the Raman spectra. A discussion of the phonon behavior for QDs with different size is presented. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.