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Effects of different inorganic salts and organic nutrient components on the growth of Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) mycelium on solid medium



The influence of 11 inorganic salts and various organic nutrients on the mycelial growth of Lentinula edodes (Berk) Pegler (Shiitake) on solid medium was studied. All of these inorganic salts exerted concentration-dependent inhibitory effects. Nitrite caused the strongest inhibition: 8 mM nitrite inhibited the growth completely. The inhibitory effect of nitrite could be reduced by the addition of ascorbic acid or a black tea extract. The effects of the addition of the different organic nutrients were investigated in order to optimize the composition of the culture medium. The medium containing malt extract (15 g l−1), starch (3 g l−1) and oak wood chips (20 g l−1) proved best for mycelial growth. Growth was not promoted by components with a high organic nitrogen content. Copyright © 2003 Society of Chemical Industry

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