Storage stability of a high protein food beverage powder prepared from the Nigerian ‘red skin’ groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) protein concentrates



A high protein, groundnut-based powder reconstitutable into a milk-like beverage was packed in polyethylene bags and in lacquered tin cans, and stored at both room temperature (25 ± 2°C) and in a domestic refrigerator (5 ± 2°C) for 60 days. Storage stability was evaluated by analysing periodically for changes in physical characteristics, proximate composition, and development of browning and rancidity, and assessing moisture sorption characteristics. Protein, lipid, total soluble sugars, peroxide value, total carbonyls and extinction values of the ethanolic extract remained practically constant during storage. The isotherm curves exhibited the characteristic sigmoidal shape typical of high protein foods. There was a greater increase in density, hygroscopicity and wettability in polyethylene-packed samples at both temperatures suggesting that the lacquered tin can leads to better keeping quality for this product.