• Edible vegetable oil;
  • olive oil;
  • sunflower oil;
  • corn oils;
  • chromatic parameter;
  • TBA number;
  • peroxide value;
  • thermal oxidation


Peroxide values, TBA numbers and chromatic parameters of edible vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, corn oils) thermally oxidised (75°C, 100°C, 180°C) during 5 days were determined. For calculating chromatic parameters the recommended standard CIE methods and several simplified methods were employed. With olive oil a remarkable change in spectral characteristics occurred as the temperature and time of heating were increased. Thermal autoxidation, as assessed by peroxide value and TBA number, was only observed at 75°C (Schaal oven test). In none of the three types of vegetable oil was the dominant wavelength modified during the course of the heating process. Luminosity and hue angle showed slight increases in olive and sunflower oils. Colour saturation underwent a remarkable decrease in olive oil. From a comparison and a correlation study it is concluded that the simplified methods could be applied only for certain chromatic parameters and types of vegetable oil. For a comprehensive study of the diverse chromatic parameters the standard CIE methods should be applied.