• hydroxypropyl guar gum;
  • rheological properties;
  • viscosity behaviour;
  • thixotropy


Semi-dilute solutions of hydroxypropyl guar gum (HPGG), the most widely used derivative of naturally occurring guar galactomannan, were investigated with respect to their viscosity, yield stress and thixotropy. It was found that the shear-dependent viscosity behaviour under various HPGG concentrations, added salts and temperature could be well described by the Cross viscosity model. The zero-shear-rate viscosity was observed to change with HPGG concentration according to a power-law function, and decease with the increase of temperature according to an Arrhenius-type equation. The addition of salts (KCl and CaCl2) lowered the zero-shear-rate viscosity. The HPGG solutions of high concentration showed a higher degree of thixotropy while the addition of salt lowered the thixotropic property. Copyright © 2007 Society of Chemical Industry