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Effect of O2 scavenger on the shelf-life of catfish (Pangasius sutchi) steaks during chilled storage



BACKGROUND: Active packaging for preserving meat products, including seafoods, has been gaining importance in recent times. The present study was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of O2 scavenger, the most widely used active packaging technology, on the shelf-life of catfish steaks in chilled storage conditions.

RESULTS: O2 scavenger was effective in reducing the oxygen concentration inside the packaging to as low as 0.42% within 24 h. This reduction in oxygen in O2 scavenger packages showed positive effects on quality parameters compared to control air packs. Total volatile base nitrogen (TVB-N), thiobarbituric acid value and peroxide value of catfish steaks packed in O2 scavenger was significantly different (P < 0.05) compared to air-packed samples. Based on the sensory, microbiological and TVB-N values, the control samples were acceptable only up to 10 days, compared to 20 days in O2 scavenger-packed samples, extending the shelf-life by 10 days.

CONCLUSION:O2 scavenger reduced the oxygen concentration inside the package significantly within 24 h compared to control air packs. By using this technique, the use of a vacuum packing machine can be avoided. Further, O2 scavenger extended the product's shelf-life up to 20 days, compared to 10 days in control packs. Copyright © 2007 Society of Chemical Industry