• extra virgin olive oil;
  • pork patty;
  • pork quality;
  • fatty acid;
  • low fat



Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is well known for its beneficial effects on human health. Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of EVOO substitution for backfat on qualities of pork patty to avoid high consumption of animal-originated fat, because it is closely related to development of cardiovascular disease and obesity.


Water-holding capacity was higher in control (lean pork + 10% backfat) and T3 (lean pork + 5% backfat + 5% EVOO + 0.5% isolated soy protein + 0.5% carrageenan + 0.5% maltodextrin) than T1 (lean pork + 5% backfat + 5% EVOO + 0.5% isolated soy protein) and T2 (lean pork + 5% backfat + 5% EVOO + 0.5% isolated soy protein + 0.5% carrageenan). Hardness was higher in EVOO substitution for backfat patty samples than control. In sensory evaluation, the control was significantly higher in overall acceptability compared with EVOO substitution for backfat pork patty samples.


The physical properties of pork patty made by EVOO substitution for backfat were stable as a commercial pork patty (control). However, sensory evaluation scores were higher in control compared to EVOO-substituted pork patty samples. Copyright © 2008 Society of Chemical Industry