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Effect of short-term air storage after removal from controlled-atmosphere storage on apple and fresh-cut apple quality



BACKGROUND: One of the realities of apple distribution for long-term stored fruit is that a controlled-atmosphere (CA) storage room will be unsealed and fruit held in air storage and marketed over several weeks. This work was conducted to determine the effect of post-CA air storage of whole fruit on potential shelf life for fresh-cut apple slices.

RESULTS: Fresh-cut slices of ‘Spartan’ and ‘Delicious’ apples held in post-CA air storage for 2 or 4 weeks showed the least changes in cut surface color as compared with those made from apples immediately on removal from CA. Shelf life was most improved by post-CA air storage in the ‘Spartan’ apples, which were more advanced in maturity as compared with the ‘Delicious’ apples. Internal ethylene concentration, firmness, and respiration changed significantly with post-CA air storage, suggesting a relationship between physiological status of the whole fruit and shelf life of slices made from that fruit.

CONCLUSION: The results support the hypothesis that apples had suppressed physiological activity in CA storage and are susceptible to accelerated deterioration upon cutting. Holding fruit for 2 weeks in air storage allowed recovery of physiological activity, which resulted in greater resistance to deterioration in response to fresh-cut processing. Copyright © 2010 Crown in the right of Canada. Published by JohnWiley & Sons, Ltd