• antioxidant activity;
  • lipid peroxidation;
  • naringenin;
  • naringin;
  • radical scavenger


BACKGROUND: This study was designed to evaluate and compare antioxidant capacity and radical scavenging activity of naringin and its aglycone by different in vitro assays. The effects of flavanones on lipid peroxidation, glutathione (GSH) oxidation and DNA cleavage were also assessed.

RESULTS: The results showed that naringenin exhibited higher antioxidant capacity and hydroxyl and superoxide radical scavenger efficiency than naringin. Our results evidenced that glycosylation attenuated the efficiency in inhibiting the enzyme xanthine oxidase and the aglycone could act like a more active chelator of metallic ions than the glycoside. Additionally, naringenin showed a greater effectiveness in the protection against oxidative damage to lipids in a dose-dependent manner. Both flavanones were equally effective in reducing DNA damage. However, they show no protective effect on oxidation of GSH.

CONCLUSION: The data obtained support the importance of characterizing the ratio naringin/naringenin in foods when they are evaluated for their health benefits. Copyright © 2010 Society of Chemical Industry