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α-Amylase inhibitors from an Indonesian medicinal herb, Phyllanthus urinaria



BACKGROUND: Diabetes mellitus and associated diseases are an increasing problem around the world. One of the hyperglycemic remedies is glucose absorption reduction by suppressing carbohydrate digestion due to utilization of α-amylase inhibitors.

RESULTS: Prospective herbs were analyzed by in vitro enzyme assay to evaluate their inhibitory activity against porcine pancreatic amylase (PPA), and it was found that Phyllanthus urinaria and three other herbs to showed a potent inhibitory activity. A 50% aqueous methanol-soluble extract of the leaves of P. urinaria was chromatographed using a silica gel column. The active fractions were further purified by preparative high-performance liquid chromatography to isolate active principles against PPA. Structural determination revealed that these isolated compounds were gallic acid, corilagin, and macatannin B, and showed mild activity against PPA (activity in 1 mmol L−1 concentration: 23%, 21%, 33%, respectively).

CONCLUSION:P. urinaria extracts show inhibitory activity against PPA. This activity, together with the information on isolated compounds, may benefit further exploration of P. urinaria utilization in the management of borderline diabetes patients. Copyright © 2011 Society of Chemical Industry

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