• vacuum packing;
  • eggshell microbial activity;
  • egg quality;
  • table eggs;
  • shelf life



The aim of this study was to establish the effects of vacuum packing on eggshell microbial activity and egg quality traits in table eggs during 42 days of storage at 5 and 22 °C. Treatments were no vacuum packing (control) and vacuum packing (VP). Egg quality traits measured included egg weight loss, specific gravity, shell strength, albumen height, Haugh unit, yolk index, albumen pH, yolk pH, albumen colour and yolk colour.


VP eggs maintained higher specific gravity, albumen height, Haugh unit and yolk index and lower egg weight loss, albumen pH and yolk pH compared with control eggs after 42 days at 22 °C. VP eggs had lower levels of total aerobic mesophilic bacteria, Salmonella spp., Staphylococcus spp. and moulds/yeasts than control eggs over the storage period at both 5 and 22 °C. However, VP eggs had a higher level of coliforms than control eggs after 42 days at 5 °C.


The results indicated that vacuum packing extended the egg shelf life to at least 42 days compared with control eggs at 5 and 22 °C.