Proteomic analysis of the enzymes involved in the starch biosynthesis of maize with different endosperm type and characterization of the starch


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The characterization of starch maize with different endosperm type and the proteomic analysis of its biosynthetic enzymes at 20 and 50 days after pollination (DAP) was carried out.


There were differences between both endosperm types at 20 DAP, mainly in starch accumulation, amylose content, granule size and crystallinity percentage, whereas at 50 DAP the differences found were not relevant in the case of starch content, granule size, chain length distribution and thermal properties. SSSI, SBEIIb and GBSSI enzymes were identified; however, SBEIIb was only identified in two samples: floury endosperm at 20 DAP and vitreous at 50 DAP.


Starch did not show differences in its morphological or structural characteristics in either endosperm on reaching maturity. Starch biosynthetic enzymes identified by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization–time of flight did not show a relationship to starch structure. © 2013 Society of Chemical Industry