• blood loss;
  • bone and soft tissue tumor;
  • surgery;
  • transfusion


Background and Objectives

No organized data regarding the blood losses associated with musculoskeletal tumor surgery has been existed. The present study aimed to examine the extent of blood loss and the transfusion requirement associated with various kinds of musculoskeletal tumor surgeries in a large, well-defined sample.


The records of 1,047 consecutive operations for musculoskeletal tumors were reviewed.


The total blood loss ranged from 0 to 26,050 ml (median: 95 ml). The operative time ranged from 5 to 1,140 min (median: 105 min). There was a significant correlation between the total blood loss and the operative time. The median blood loss was 10 ml in biopsies, 100 ml in curettages, 190 ml in amputations or disarticulations, 30 ml in marginal resections (bone tumors, 50 ml; soft tissue tumors, 25 ml), and 380 ml in wide resections (bone tumors, 2,155 ml; soft tissue tumors, 180 ml). Wide resections for malignant tumors were associated with significantly more blood loss than marginal resections for benign ones. Resections of bone tumors were accompanied by significantly more blood loss than those of soft tissue tumors. Overall, blood transfusions were required after 210 (20.1%) operations.


Our results provide the first exhaustive data about blood loss and the subsequent need for transfusion associated with various kinds of musculoskeletal tumor surgeries that may be helpful for establishing a guideline for perioperative patient management. J. Surg. Oncol. 2005;92:52–58. © 2005 Wiley-Liss, Inc.