• psychologic morbidity;
  • body image;
  • quadrantectomy;
  • breast reconstruction


Cosmetic and psychologic morbidity was evaluated by patients self-assessment in 42 patients who underwent breast conserving therapy (BCT) and 48 patients who underwent mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction (MIBR). Although sexual adjustment and fear of cancer recurrence were not significantly different between the two groups, body image was rated as significantly better in the BCT group. Additionally, in the MIBR group, nine patients expressed concern about abdominal or back scars and 15 related abdominal or back pain. Eighty-three percent of the BCT group indicated BCT as a future choice of treatment, whereas only 38% of the MIBR group indicated MIBR as a future choice of treatment. Therefore, body image and patients' satisfaction were thought to have been improved by BCT, but psychologic morbidity was the same in both groups. © 1993 Wiley-Liss, Inc.