Quantification of doxazosin in human plasma using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry



Hydrophilic interaction LC with MS/MS (HILIC-MS/MS) was described as a rapid, sensitive, and selective method for the quantification of doxazosin in human plasma. Doxazosin and cisapride (internal standard) were extracted from human plasma with ethyl acetate at alkaline pH and analyzed on an Atlantis HILIC Silica column with the mobile phase of ACN/ammonium formate (100 mM, pH 4.5) (93:7 v/v). The analytes were detected using an ESI MS/MS in the selective-reaction-monitoring mode. The standard curve was linear (r = 0.9994) over the concentration range of 0.2–50 ng/mL. The LOQ for doxazosin was 0.2 ng/mL using 100 μL plasma sample. The CV and relative error for intra- and interassay at four QC levels were 3.7–8.7% and 0.0–9.8%, respectively. The matrix effect for doxazosin and cisapride were practically absent. The recoveries of doxazosin and cisapride were 67.4 and 61.7%, respectively. This method was successfully applied to the pharmacokinetic study of doxazosin in humans.