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Ultrafast UPLC-ESI-MS and HPLC with monolithic column for determination of principal flavor compounds in vanilla pods



In this study, two novel chromatographic methods based on monolithic column high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) were developed for the ultrafast determination of principal flavor compounds namely vanillin, vanillic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, and p-hydroxybenzaldehyde in ethanolic extracts of Vanilla planifolia pods. Good separation was achieved within 2.5 min using Chromolith RP18e column (100 mm×4.6 mm) for HPLC and Acquity BEH C-18 (100 mm×2.1 mm, 1.7 μm) column for UPLC. Both methods were compared in terms of total analysis time, mobile phase consumption, sensitivity, and validation parameters like precision, accuracy, LOD, and LOQ. Further, system suitability test data including resolution, capacity factor, theoretical plates, and tailing factor was determined for both the methods by ten replicate injections. Monolithic column based HPLC gave better results for most of the selected parameters while UPLC was found to be more eco-friendly with low mobile phase consumption and better sensitivity. Both methods may be used conveniently for the high throughput analysis of large number of samples in comparison to traditional particulate column.

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