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Considerations for the automated collection of thermodynamic data in gas chromatography


Correspondence: Dr. James J. Harynuk, Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta T6G2G2, Canada


Fax: +1 780-492-8231


Thermodynamic modeling of retention times in gas chromatography depends on the accurate estimation of thermodynamic parameters. Previous research has used manual injections of samples with coinjection of a dead time marker to obtain accurate measurements of the retention factor of analytes. Ideally this process would be automated. Herein an approach is presented by which thermodynamic parameters can be estimated both autonomously and accurately. This method also allows for a consistent estimation of thermodynamic parameters regardless of factors such as data system delays and the nature of the void time marker employed. Ignoring these factors can lead to significant errors in the prediction of retention times when using thermodynamic models.