Chromatographic resolution and isotherm determination of (R,S)-mandelic acid on Chiralcel-OD column


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Resolution of racemic mandelic acid ((R,S)-MA) and numerical determination of binary competitive isotherm of (R,S)-MA on Chiralcel-OD column have been investigated in this study. The effects of the alcohol modifier and acidic additive in the mobile phase on the retention and enantioseparation of (R,S)-MA were studied at first. The inverse method was then used to determine the competitive isotherm parameters of (R,S)-MA by minimizing the sum of square deviations of the model predictions from the measured elution profiles. The results indicate that the mobile phase with 85% hexane/15% isopropanol/0.3% trifluoroacetic acid mixture gives the best resolution of (R,S)-MA and competitive-modified Langmuir isotherm provides the more accurate sorption mechanism of (R,S)-MA on the cellulose tris(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) chiral stationary phase.