Temperature-controlled ionic liquid dispersive liquid-phase microextraction combined with HPLC with ultraviolet detector for the determination of fungicides



Present study described a simple, environmental benign, easy to operate, and determination method for fungicides including thiram, metalaxyl, diethofencarb, myclobutanil, and tebuconazole. The method is based on temperature-controlled ionic liquid dispersive liquid phase microextraction coupled to HPLC with ultraviolet detector. In the enrichment procedure, ionic liquid 1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate [C8MIM][PF6] was used as the extraction solvent. Variable affecting parameters such as the volume of [C8MIM][PF6], temperature, extraction time, centrifuging time, and salting-out effect have been optimized in detail. Under the optimal conditions, this method has been found to have good linear relationship in the concentration range of 1.0–100 μg/L and excellent detection sensitivity with LODs (S/N = 3) in the range of 0.32–0.79 μg/L. Precisions of proposed method were in the range of 3.7–5.9% for intraday and 7.8–11.0% for interday (RSDs, n = 6). The proposed method was used for the analysis of real water samples and good spiked recoveries at two different spiked levels were achieved in the range of 84.6–102%.