• Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry;
  • Comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography;
  • Reversed-phase liquid chromatography;
  • Silver-ion liquid chromatography;
  • Triacylglycerols

The complexity of natural triacylglycerols (TAGs) in various edible oils is prodigious due to the hundreds of set is of TAG compositions, which makes the identification of TAGs quite difficult. In this investigation, the off-line 2D system coupling of nonaqueous RP and silver-ion HPLC with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization MS detection has been applied to the identification and quantification of TAGs in peanut oil. The method was successful in the separation of a high number of TAG solutes, and the TAG structures were evaluated by analyzing their atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectra information. HPLC and MS conditions have been optimized and the fragmentation mechanisms of isomers have been validated. In addition, an internal standard approach has been developed for TAG quantification. Then this system was applied in peanut oil samples and there was a total of 48 TAGs including regioisomers that have been determined and quantified.