• Dispersive solid-phase extraction;
  • Disposable pipette extraction;
  • Gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry;
  • Integrated pest management;
  • Organic farming

QuEChERS original method was modified into a new version for pesticides determination in soils. The QuEChERS method is based on liquid–liquid portioning with ACN and was followed by cleanup step using dispersive SPE and disposable pipette tips. Gas chromatographic separation with MS detection was carried out for pesticides quantification. The method was validated using recovery experiments for 36 multiclass pesticides. Mean reco-veries of pesticides at each of the four spiking levels between 10–300 μg/kg of soil ranged from 70–120% for 26 pesticides with RSD values less than 15%. The method achieved low limit of detection less than 7.6 μg/kg. Matrix effects were observed for 13 pesticides. Matrix effects were compensated by using matrix-matched calibration. The method was applied successfully using d-SPE or DPX in the analysis of the pesticides in soils from organic farming and integrated pest management.