• Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin;
  • Dialysis;
  • Hepatology;
  • Immunoextraction

CZE-based assays for carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT) in which serum is mixed with an Fe(III) ion-containing solution prior to analysis are effective approaches for the determination of CDT in patient samples. Sera of patients with progressed diseases, however, are prone to interferences comigrating with transferrin (Tf) that prevent the proper determination of CDT by CZE in these samples. The need of a simple and economic approach to immunoextract Tf from human serum prompted us to investigate the use of a laboratory-made anti-Tf spin column containing polyclonal rabbit anti-human Tf antibodies linked to Sepharose 4 Fast Flow beads. This article reports extraction column manufacturing and column characterization with sera having normal and elevated CDT levels. The developed procedure was applied to a number of relevant hepatology and dialysis patient samples and could thereby be shown to represent an effective method for extraction and concentration of all Tf isoforms. Furthermore, lipemic sera were delipidated using a mixture of diisopropyl ether and butanol prior to immunoextraction. CDT could unambiguously be determined in all pretreated samples.