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Figure S1. Calibration curve obtained for DMDS (n = 2).

Figure S2. Calibration curve obtained for phenol (n = 2).

Figure S3. Calibration curve obtained for octanal (n = 2).

Figure S4. Calibration curve obtained for limonene (n = 2).

Figure S5. Calibration curve obtained for m-cresol (n = 2).

Figure S6. Calibration curve obtained for nonanal (n = 2).

Figure S7. Calibration curve obtained for carvone (n = 2).

Figure S8. Calibration curve obtained for benzothiazole (n = 2).

Figure S9. Calibration curve obtained for indole (n = 2).

Figure S10. Calibration curve obtained for skatole (n = 2).

Figure S11. Laboratory blank chromatogram analysed using the selected experimental conditions. 1. Carbon dioxide, 2. Methylene chloride, 3. Hexane, 4. Carbon tetrachloride, 5. Toluene, 6. Naphtalene, 7. Dodecane.

Figure S12. Peak areas (normalised to the highest value) obtained using the two fibre coatings in the analysis of a mixture of target analytes. Concentrations: 400 μg·m-3 except for DMDS (20 μg·m-3). Extraction conditions: 10 min at 22 ± 1°C. Black bars: CAR/PDMS coating; white bars: DVB/CAR/PDMS coating.

Figure S13. Variation of area (normalised to the highest value) versus extraction time (min) obtained for DMDS, m-cresol and skatole in the analysis of mixtures containing about 200 μg·m-3 of each compound.

Table S1. Concentrations (μg·L-1) for the studied compounds found in wastewater samples at different WWTPs. Standard deviations are showed in parenthesis. n.d.: not detected. Last column shows the selected values for the spiked water sample used in the determination of partition coefficients.

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