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Tourism Experience Network: Co-creation of Experiences in Interactive Processes


Correspondence to: Chouki Sfandla, Researcher at CERS, Department of Marketing, HANKEN School of Economics, Finland.



This article launches a new framework, the Tourism Experience Network (TEN), which explores co-creation of experiences. The TEN framework absorbs value as experience logic in tourism marketing. Its uniqueness illustrates structuring processes and includes consumers/tourists in the service management. A theoretical explorative technique based on literature was used to construct the TEN. It departures from interactive networks, new service paradigm and tourism marketing, and contributes to tourism experience theories. Inspiration from the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) group was embraced to modify issues inherent from traditional networks—the ARA model. By linking this approach with experience, actors are defined as experience facilitators in tourism and networks. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.