University of Rhode Island Change Assessment–Trauma: Preliminary psychometric properties in an alcohol-dependent PTSD sample



The co-occurrence of posttraumatic stress disorder with substance use disorders (PTSD-SUD) is common and is associated with poorer treatment outcomes. Attrition represents an ongoing, but poorly understood challenge in PTSD-SUD treatment research. The current study examined the initial psychometric properties of the University of Rhode Island Change Assessment—Trauma (URICA-T), a scale designed to assess attitudes and behaviors related to addressing trauma issues, in a sample of 42 individuals meeting diagnostic criteria for PTSD and alcohol dependence. Results suggest that the URICA-T may have acceptable psychometric properties as a continuous measure of motivational readiness in a PTSD-SUD sample. Preliminary data also suggests higher URICA-T scores are associated with retention of alcohol dependent-PTSD participants in a study utilizing trauma-focused exposure.