Trauma type, gender, and risk of PTSD in a region within an area of conflict


  • This research was supported by Diyarbakir Medical Chamber. We would like to thank Necdet Ipekyuz of the Diyarbakir Medical Chamber.


The relation between trauma type, gender, and risk of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) still remains unclear. The authors investigated the association among gender and trauma type and risk of PTSD among people living within an area of conflict. Traumatic experiences and PTSD symptoms among 708 participants were assessed. It was determined that more men (53%) were exposed to traumatic events than women (44%). They also found no difference in PTSD prevalence according to gender. However, the authors found that there was a different risk of PTSD among men and women who experienced similar traumatic events: the risk of PTSD for those who experienced military conflict was higher among men than it was among women.