Validation of the Fear of Sleep Inventory (FOSI) in an Urban Young Adult African American Sample


  • This research was, in part, supported by National Institute of Mental Health grant K24MH001917, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute grant R01HL087995 to Dr. Mellman and National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences grant UL1RR031975. The authors thank the staff of the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science for technical support.


The Fear of Sleep Inventory (FOSI) was developed to identify factors that contribute to sleep disturbances in individuals exposed to trauma. This investigation examined the psychometric properties of the FOSI in a sample of African American young adults residing in urban areas. A 5-factor structure was derived from an exploratory factor analysis and then verified by confirmatory factor analysis. FOSI factors were positively correlated with the severity of PTSD (rs = .30 to .58, all ps < .001) and insomnia symptoms (rs = .36 to .64, all ps < .001). Individuals with probable PTSD or insomnia had higher scores on the total FOSI and each of the factors compared to those without probable PTSD (all ps < .001; effect sizes: r = .32 to .62) or insomnia (all ps < .001; effect sizes: r = .42 to .70). These data expand the evidence that the FOSI identifies factors contributing to sleep disturbances in trauma-exposed individuals.

Traditional and Simplified Chinese Abstracts by AsianSTSS

標題: 使用年輕非裔美籍成人樣本來驗證恐懼睡眠清單(FOSI)

撮要:恐懼睡眠清單(FOSI)有助辨認受創人士睡眠障礙的成因。本研究在一批居住市區的年輕非裔美籍成人中檢視FOSI 的心理測量特性。從探索性因子分析得出一個5因子結構,再用驗證性因子分析來確認。FOSI 因子與PTSD嚴重度(rs=.30至.58, 總ps<.001) 和失眠症狀(rs=.36至.64, 總ps<.001) 呈正相連。患上可能PTSD 或失眠人士有較高的總FOSI 評分(對比沒有可能PTSD (總ps<.001; 有效值: r=.32至.62) 或沒有失眠(總ps<.001; 有效值: r=.42至.70) 的人士)。對FOSI 能辨認受創人士睡眠障礙的成因一事,本研究數據加強其佐證。

标题: 使用年轻非裔美籍成人样本来验证恐惧睡眠列表(FOSI)

撮要:恐惧睡眠清单(FOSI)有助辨认受创人士睡眠障碍的成因。本研究在一批居住城巿的年轻非裔美籍成人中检视FOSI 的心理测量特性。从探索性因子分析得出一个5因子结构,再用验证性因子分析来确认。FOSI 因子与PTSD严重度(rs=.30至.58, 总ps<.001) 和失眠症状(rs=.36至.64, 总ps<.001) 呈正相连。患上可能PTSD 或失眠人士有较高的总FOSI 评分(对比没有可能PTSD (总ps<.001; 有效值: r=.32至.62) 或没有失眠(总ps<.001; 有效值: r=.42至.70) 的人士)。对FOSI 能辨认受创人士睡眠障碍的成因一事,本研究数据加强其证明。