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Significant Reductions in Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Congolese Refugees Within 10 days of Transcendental Meditation Practice


  • This research was fully supported by a grant from the David Lynch Foundation. We thank Henry Matovu, Dr. John Bukenya, Tsongo Bamande, Judith Nassali, Muazombe Tembe Flavia Matovu, Esperance Kongwe, Didier Mubambe Tshiani, Aimee Malonga, Cheka Catherine, and Ebende Lomingo for their help with conducting this research in Uganda.


This follow-up pilot study tested whether Transcendental Meditation® (TM) practice would significantly reduce symptoms of posttraumatic stress in Congolese refugees within 10 days after instruction. The Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist–Civilian (PCL-C) was administered to nonmatched waitlist controls from a previous study 3 times over a 90-day period. Within 8 days of the third baseline measure, 11 refugees were taught TM, then retested 10 days and 30 days after instruction. Average PCL-C scores dropped 29.9 points from 77.9 to 48.0 in 10 days, then dropped another 12.7 points to 35.3 at 30 days. Effect size at 10 days was high (d = 4.05). There were no adverse events. All participants completed the study and were able to practice TM.

Traditional and Simplified Chinese Abstracts by AsianSTSS


撮要:本前導研究跟進剛果難民練習超覺靜生(TM)十天後能否有效地減少創傷後壓力(PTS)症狀。在90天期間,昔日研究的非配對候選對照組會接受三次創傷後壓力症清單(平民版)(PCL)的評估。十一名難民在第三次評估後八天內學習TM 訓練,在其後的十天及30天後再作評估。在十天後,PCL 平均得分跌了29.9 點(從77.9跌至48.0),在30天後再跌12.7點(至35.3)。十天後有效值是高的(d=4.05)。沒有有害事件滙報。所有參與者完成研究並能練習TM。


撮要:本前导研究跟进刚果难民练习超觉静生(TM)十天后能否有效地减少创伤后压力(PTS)症状。在90天期间,过往研究的非配对候选对照组会接受三次创伤后压力症清单(平民版)(PCL)的评估。十一名难民在第三次评估后八天内学习TM 训练,在其后的十天及30天后再作评估。在十天后,PCL 平均得分跌了29.9 点(从77.9跌至48.0),在30天后再跌12.7点(至35.3)。十天后有效值是高的(d=4.05)。没有有害事件汇报。所有参与者完成研究并能练习TM。