Self-report instruments for assessing sexual well-being in women with sexual difficulties have not to date been explicitly validated among women with a history of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Given an extensive literature suggesting psychological differences between women with and without a history of CSA, it is possible that sexual well-being has a different meaning for these groups. Without validated scales, it is difficult to evaluate the impact of early sexual trauma on adult sexuality. The present study assessed whether the factor structure of widely used measures of sexual well-being were consistent across women experiencing sexual difficulties, with and without an abuse history, and to estimate effect sizes for the statistical effect of CSA on sexual well-being in this population. A sample of women with and without a history of CSA (N = 238) completed the Female Sexual Function Index and the Sexual Satisfaction Scale for Women. Structural equation models indicated generally consistent factor structures across groups, suggesting good construct validity. Effect size estimates indicated medium to large (0.53–0.72) effects of CSA on sexual well-being for women with sexual difficulties. These findings support and extend research regarding the potential effects of CSA that may inform treatment for this population.

Traditional and Simplified Chinese Abstracts by AsianSTSS


撮要:有童年被性虐歷史(CSA)的婦女中,使用自我評估性愉悅量度工具(在性困難婦女中使用的)未曾驗證。眾多文獻指出有和沒有CSA歷史的婦女中存在心理差異,但性愉悅在這些組別中可能有不一樣的意義。我們很難在沒有已驗證量表的情況下評核早期性侵害對成人性慾方面的影響。本文旨在對有性困難(有或沒有虐待歷史者)婦女評估一些廣泛使用的性愉悅量度工具的分子結構是否一致,亦估算在這些婦女的性愉悅中CSA歷史統計效果的有效值。樣本是一羣有或沒有CSA歷史的婦女(N = 238), 她們完成了女性性功能指數和婦女性滿足量表的測試。結構方程式模型顯示羣組中有大體上一致的分子結構,暗示了良好的結構效度。有效值估量顯示CSA對性困難婦女性愉悅有中度至高度(.53至.72) 影響。結論支持及擴展CSA可能效果研究,或能對此婦女羣提供可行的治療方案。


撮要:有童年被性虐历史(CSA)的妇女中,使用自我评估性愉悦量度工具(在性困难妇女中使用的)未曾验证。众多文献指出有和没有CSA历史的妇女中存在心理差异,但性愉悦在这些组别中可能有不一样的意义。我们很难在没有已验证量表的情况下评核早期性侵害对成人性欲方面的影响。本文旨在对有性困难(有或没有虐待历史者)妇女评估一些广泛使用的性愉悦量度工具的分子结构是否一致,亦估算在这些妇女的性愉悦中CSA历史统计效果的有效值。样本是一羣有或没有CSA历史的妇女(N = 238), 她们完成了女性性功能指数和妇女性满足量表的测试。结构方程式模型显示羣组中有大体上一致的分子结构,暗示了良好的结构效度。有效值估量显示CSA对性困难妇女性愉悦有中度至高度(.53至.72) 影响。结论支持及扩展CSA可能效果研究,或能对此妇女羣提供可行的治疗方案。