• co-management;
  • New York State;
  • newspaper content analysis;
  • policy learning;
  • urban and suburban deer management


Resolution of urban and suburban deer problems often depends on learning and co-management. Local newspapers may reflect the learning occurring in a community. Past authors have identified 4 primary types of learning (technical, conceptual, social, and political). We studied newspaper content related to deer management for insights about the types of learning occurring in selected regions in New York State. We analyzed 263 newspaper articles published between 2000 and 2006. We found that the majority of content related to learning focused on conceptual and technical learning, but relatively little, particularly early in the evolution of deer management issues, focused on social or political learning. Our results suggest that additional attention to social learning focusing on collaborative relationships and constructive dialogue among stakeholders by both communities and newspapers could be beneficial in the resolution of deer problems. © 2012 The Wildlife Society.