Erratum: Habitat selection by elk before and after wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park


  • Julie S. Mao,

  • Mark S. Boyce,

  • Douglas W. Smith,

  • Francis J. Singer,

  • David J. Vales,

  • John M. Vore,

  • Evelyn H. Merrill


This article corrects:

  1. HABITAT SELECTION BY ELK BEFORE AND AFTER WOLF REINTRODUCTION IN YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Volume 69, Issue 4, 1691–1707, Article first published online: October 2005

Mao, J. S., M. S. Boyce, D. W. Smith, F. J. Singer, D. J. Vales, J. M. Vore, and E. H. Merrill. 2005. Habitat selection by elk before and after wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park. Journal of Wildlife Management 69:1691–1707

In this article, the variable Shrubland was incorrectly printed twice in Table 6. The corrected Table 6 is shown below:

Table 6. Winter habitat selection by elk in Yellowstone National Park for pre-wolf (1985–1990) and post-wolf (2000–2002) periods. Grassland is the reference category for the vegetation variable.
VariablePre-wolf habitat selectionaPost-wolf-NW habitat selectionbPost-wolf-W habitat selectionc
  • a

    A priori pre-wolf winter model no. NW-2.

  • b

    A priori post-wolf winter model no. NW-2.

  • c

    Post hoc model modified from a priori post-wolf winter model no. W-2i.

  • d

    Burned + unburned aspen.

  • e

    Relative to the AICc of the best a priori candidate model.

Other nonforest−0.880.250.001−1.610.25<0.001−1.380.25<0.001
Burned conifer−0.640.300.033−−
Unburned conifer0.140.130.2720.030.110.787−
Slope × wolf density      −6.12E−051.08E−05<0.001
Snow × wolf density      −1.05E−042.35E−05<0.001
Wolf density      0.00330.0004<0.001
Wolf density2      −1.04E−062.39E−07<0.001
−2LL5977  8483  8373  
K11  11  15  
Δie0.0  101.4  −0.4  
k-fold rho (P)0.92 (<0.002)0.96 (<0.002)0.93 (<0.002)