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jwmg588-sm-0001-SuppTab-S1.docx23KTable S1. WinBUGS code used to integrate information from the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) and western United States summer golden eagle survey (WGES).
jwmg588-sm-0001-SuppTab-S2.docx25KTable S2. Number of golden eagles counted on Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) routes by Bird Conservation Region (BCR) from 1968 to 2010. Data from Canadian potions of BCRs that extend into Canada are excluded.
jwmg588-sm-0001-SuppTab-S3.docx24KTable S3. Numbers of Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) routes for Bird Conservation Regions (BCRs) used in this analysis that have been surveyed from 1968 to current. Counts in Canadian portions of BCRs that extend into Canada are omitted.
jwmg588-sm-0001-SuppTab-S4.docx78KTable S4. Golden eagle population estimates for all western United States Bird Conservation Regions (BCRs), 1967–2010. For the overlap BCRs (9, 10, 16, and 17) and years (2006–2010) the estimates are composites derived from the BBS and WGES. For other BCRs and years, estimates are derived from the BBS only, using the overall adjustment factor derived for the composite estimates to scale to density.

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