Kinetics and mechanism of naringenin reaction with Ce(IV) in different aqueous solutions of dimethylsulfoxide



The reaction of naringenin with Ce(IV) was studied in different aqueous solutions of DMSO (50–80% v/v) and various sulfuric acid concentrations using a spectrophotometric method. The reaction was arranged to be under pseudo-first-order condition with respect to Ce(IV). It was found that 1 mol of Ce(IV)sulfate on average has consumed by about 2 mol of naringenin to complete the reaction. To determine the stoichiometric ratios of metal ion and the ligand in the formed complex species, the continuous variation method has been used. The results showed that pseudo-first-order rate constants increase with increasing naringenin concentration and decrease by increasing the amount of DMSO and sulfuric acid in solution. The rate constant (k1) was measured at different conditions. Finally, a mechanism consistent with the observed results has been proposed and discussed at various aqueous DMSO solutions. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Int J Chem Kinet 43: 715–724, 2011