What, Methane Again?!


Correspondence to: David M. Golden; e-mail: david.golden@stanford.edu.


A combination of an error discovered in the Multiwell code and some more recent examinations of the system CH3 + H = CH4 prompted a reexamination of earlier work by this author. Values of the energy transfer parameter, 〈ΔEd〉, are considerably different from the previous study. It is suggested that the Baulch et al. parameters for this system can be improved by replacing the values for krec,0 and krec, with values suggested by Troe and Ushakov. krec,0 = [Ar] 10−26.19 exp[–(T/21.22 K)0.5] cm6 molecule−2 s−1, krec, = 3.34 × 10−10 (T/25200 K)0.186 cm3 molecule−1 s−1 while keeping their value for Fc = 0.63 exp(–T/3315) + 0.37 exp(–T/61).