Kinetics of Fading of Some Triphenylmethane Dyes: Effects of Electric Charge, Substituent, and Aqueous Binary Mixtures of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and 2-Propanol


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The rate constants of alkaline fading of a number of triphenylmethane (TPM) dyes including methyl green (ME2+), brilliant green (BG+), fuchsin acid (FA2−), and bromophenol blue (BPB2−) were obtained in aqueous binary mixtures of 2-propanol (protic solvent) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) (aprotic solvent) at different temperatures. It was observed that the reaction rate constants of BG+ and ME2+ increased and those of FA2− and BPB2− decreased with an increase in weight percentages of aqueous 2-propanol and DMSO binary mixtures. 2-Propanol and DMSO interact with the used TPM molecules through hydrogen bonding and ion–dipole interaction, respectively, in addition to their hydrophobic interaction with TPM dyes. The fundamental rate constants of a fading reaction in these solutions were obtained by the SESMORTAC model. Also, the effect of electric charge and substituent groups of a number of TPM dyes on their alkaline fading rate was studied.