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Kinetics of Condensation Reactions between Ethanolamine (Amino-Alcohol) and Dicarboxylic Acids at 413 K



The kinetics of condensation polymerization reactions between amino-alcohol and various dibasic acids ranging from oxalic acid (n = 0 number of –CH2 groups) to sebacic acid (n = 8) is studied at 413 K in an inert atmosphere, with a catalyst and ensuring removal of product water. All of the studied reactions are chemically identical, and their rates may differ only in so far as reactivity affected by molecular weight. Our analysis of the kinetic data reveals that all reactions obey third-order kinetics, and the degree of polymerization increases even upto 20 h, if same stoichiometry for both the reactants is maintained. The velocity constants for the reactions were found to be in the order for the acids as succinic > oxalic > sebacic > adipic. The rates are also comparable to similar reactions of diols and diacids. The analysis further reveals that the chain length as well the structural characteristics of the reactant molecules govern the speed of the reaction. It seems that the proper conformations and structural geometry do play an important role in the collisional process of formation of products in a desired time. The probable implications of the results and analysis of these observations are discussed.

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