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Novel compact laptop-based image-guidance system: Preliminary study




To describe a novel portable laptop-based image-guidance system and its preliminary navigational results.


An optic-based, specially developed navigational system and a life-size endoscopic sinus anatomic model were used. The model was submitted to computer tomography (CT), and predefined anatomic landmarks were used to test the image-guidance accuracy according to the real model.


All anatomic landmarks were identified by the image-guidance system and all matched with endoscopic or eye views.


This novel compact navigation device was shown to be fast and reliable. A larger series, involving more models, cadavers, and patients, with the evaluation of multiple anatomic points needs to be done before we can reliably determine the overall accuracy of this novel device. However, this new system is promising, and in the future it can be part of the armamentarium of otolaryngologists' personal equipment in order to perform low-cost image-guided surgeries in different places with the same equipment. Laryngoscope, 2009