A prospective study of paranasal sinus osteomas in 1,889 cases: Changing patterns of localization




We developed the largest paranasal sinus computed tomography (CT) scan study so far by including 1,889 cases to investigate the prevalence, localization, age distribution, and the secondary complications of paranasal sinus osteomas.

Study Design:

Prospective study.


A prospective study was performed on 1,889 consecutive adult individuals who underwent paranasal sinus CT examinations with suspected sinus disease.


The prevalence of paranasal sinus osteomas was determined to be 3%. Osteomas were located most frequently in the ethmoid sinuses. The size of the osteomas varied from approximately from 2 to 30 mm. Of the osteomas found, 37%were accompanied by pathological sinonasal findings.


The prevalence of sinonasal osteoma in the paranasal sinus region detected by CT scan is supporting the literature, whereas the localization pattern challenges it. Laryngoscope, 2009