• Robotic surgery, nasopharyngectomy;
  • recurrent nasopharyngeal cancer


Transoral robotic nasopharyngectomy was carried out for a patient who developed recurrent nasopharyngeal cancer after radiotherapy. The tumor in the left lateral wall of the nasopharynx was exposed after splitting the soft palate and a curative resection, including the medial crus of the eustachian tube was carried out under the three-dimensional 0° camera. The operative procedure was uncomplicated, blood loss was minimal and the patient recovered smoothly. The camera of the surgical robot provided superb visualization of the operative field and the maneuverability of the robotic arms with the Endowrist design allowed adequate tumor extirpation. The morbidity associated with the procedure was minimal, and this surgical procedure can be applied for resection of small and favorably located residual or recurrent nasopharyngeal cancer or other appropriate pathologies in the region. Laryngoscope, 2010